2000 meter peaks

All the trip descriptions are based on Rondvassbu as a starting point during snow-free conditions. You can cycle there or walk from Mysusæter, or from the parking lot near Spranget.




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Veslesmeden 2015 masl

Veslesmeden is one of the most easily accessible 2000 meter peaks in the country, and becomes the first on the checklist for many visitors. It is easy to climb from Rondvassbu and the trip is suitable for active children. Veslesmeden is not among the tallest giants in the national park, but it still offers impressive views of Rondslottet, Vinjeronden and Storronden mountains. On clear and sunny days, the Jotunheimen mountains can be clearly seen on the horizon.

Duration: 5 hour round trip
Kilometers: 12.4 round trip from Rondvassbu
Suitable for: Active families

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Family on top of a mountain.
Person by a cairn.

Storronden 2138 masl

Storronden is the second highest peak in Rondane, and the most visited. Together with Veslesmeden, this is the most easily accessible of the peaks described here. Visitors start their trip from Rondvassbu on a clearly marked path, but be aware that the waymarking isn’t that good on certain sections. The climb can become rather boring, with really long inclines over stretches of large scree. The reward, however, is a magnificent view from the summit towards the Ronde Mountain Massif and Jotunheimen. The summit ends abruptly in a dizzying plunge down to Langbotn.

Duration: 4 to 5 hour round trip
Kilometers: 8.6 km round trip from Rondvassbu
Suitable for: Active families

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Rondeslottet 2178 moh

Rondeslottet 2178 masl. Rondeslottet is the national park’s highest mountain and is well worth a visit for those used to hiking in the mountains. The cairn on the summit and the view are both very impressive. Be prepared for the boulder-like scree on the way up. These rocks are difficult to walk over should you encounter rain or fog. The trail is not that obvious and the t-marking can be difficult to see in bad weather. In other words, the climb can be tiring, but those who manage to reach the summit (in clear weather) are really rewarded for their efforts – it is not often you will experience a view like the one here!

Duration: 6 to 8 hour round trip
Kilometers: 12.4 round trip from Rondvassbu
Suitable for:  Experienced hikers who are used to taking long day trips in steep and rocky terrain

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Woman on a mountain in Rondane.
Woman looking over the mountain scape.

Vinjeronden 2044 masl

Most people visiting Rondeslottet also climb Vinjeronden mountain on the way, but the summit is well worth the trip on its own. Vinjeronden is located between Rondeslottet and Storronden mountains and offers wonderful views over Rondane. The last part of the trip up is steep, but the summit itself is flat and a great place to enjoy the view. Duration: 4 to 6 hour round trip Kilometers: 9.2 round trip from Rondvassbu to Storronden. Suitable for: Experienced hikers who are used to taking long day trips in steep and rocky terrain Read about the trip on ut.no