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Cycling in Rondane

If you would like to experience Rondane from your bike seat, this is best done by cycling outside the national park itself – here, visitors can have great experiences with fantastic views into the protected areas.




Rondane-Dovre National park board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
N-2661 Hjerkinn
E: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no



Bike trails

Visitors are only permitted to cycle on specific trails and roads inside the national park so as to protect vulnerable nature against wear and tear. However, trails located within organized traffic zones are an exception to this rule and visitors may cycle their bikes on them.

View a PDF map of the trails

Advice and rules for visitors


Family at bicycles.
Person biking.

Roads you are permitted to cycle on

Visitors may cycle on the road into Rondvassbu. The same applies to Grimsdalsvegen road and the road into Dørålseter tourist cabin. During certain periods of the year, motorized traffic is prohibited on Grimsdalsvegen road and the road into Dørålseter out of consideration for the wild reindeer. Wild reindeer are vulnerable to disturbance, and as a cyclist, we hope that you will help us give the wild reindeer some peace and quiet during the period when the roads are closed to motorized traffic. Remember that e-bikes are defined as motorized vehicles in protected areas!

  • The road into Dørålseter tourist cabin: Open 15 June – 1 December
  • Grimsdalsvegen road: Open 5 June – 1 December


E-bikes are defined as motorized vehicles in the national park and protected areas, this also applies when the motor is switched off. You are not allowed to use an e-bike on the trail network in protected areas or on roads that are closed to motorized traffic. Electric bicycles may only be used on roads where cars are allowed to drive. This means that you are not allowed to ride an e-bike on the road from Spranget to Rondvassbu, but you can cycle on Grimsdalsvegen road, Dørålsetervegen road and the Peer-Gynt mountain road when they are open to motorized traffic.

Advice and rules for visitors

Persons on bicycles.
Persons on bicycles.

The National Park Trail

The National Park Trail runs between Dombås and Hjerkinn – an adapted hiking and cycling route that passes through a historic landscape.

Trip description at ut.no

Cycling on the National Park Trail may be combined with a bike trip through Grimsdalen valley, resulting in a round trip of approximately 130 km.

Read more about the trip at nasjonalparkriket.no

Cycling at Kvamsfjellet

Another area that provides a great combination of cycling and mountain experiences is Kvamsfjellet. There is a great chance you will find something that is perfect for you, whether you are a fitness fanatic or whether you would just like to take your kids on a trip.

Read more at VisitLillehammer

Persons on bicycle.
Skiing track.

Winter cycling

Summer cycling rules also apply in the winter. You are only allowed to cycle in places where cycling is permitted during the summer: link to experiences and activities. As an example, you are not allowed to cycle on the skiing trail into Rondvassbu, as this is not part of the route where cycling is permitted.