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Winter trips and skiing trips

With both staked and machine-groomed trails, Rondane has everything in place for fantastic winter trips. We recommend you use mountain skis where the trails are staked, while narrow skis are just as good to use on the machine-groomed trails. Winter is the coldest period of the year, so it is important to wear clothes that are both warm and windproof. The basis of existence for both animals and plants is marginal during this time of the year. Although the animals are evolved to withstand harsh conditions, winter is demanding. Therefore, it is important that we show consideration so they do not have to use valuable energy fleeing from humans visitors.




Rondane-Dovre National park board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
N-2661 Hjerkinn
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Staked trails

The skiing trails in the national park are staked around Easter time. Visitors can go on skiing trips from cabin to cabin in a majestically lit winter landscape – it is not without reason that artists were inspired by Rondane, something the painting ‘A Winter’s Night in Rondane’ by Harald Solberg is a good example of.

‘The triangle’ between the Rondvassbu, Dørålseter and Bjørnhollia tourist cabins is also known as one of the classics in Rondane.

From 1 March, visitors can ski to the top of Veslesmeden with a guide.

Staked winter trails at dnt.no

Person skiing.
Skiing track.


Cross-country skiing trails
There are several machine-groomed skiing trails in the areas around the national park that offer great views of the mountain massifs in Rondane. At Høvringen and Mysusæter, some of these trails run right along the edge of the national park. At Venabygdsfjellet, there are several machine-groomed trails in the area around Spidsbergseter.

These trails are groomed when snow conditions allow, which can vary from year to year.

Cross-country skiing trails at skisporet.no

Skiing trips from Mysusæter

Raphamnrunden (13 km)

The Raphamnfjellet mountains are described by many as ‘little Jotunheimen’, with their varied terrain and many small peaks. In clear weather, the views over Rondane are magnificent and you will probably have to squeeze in many photo stops along the way. This trip is recommended when the weather is good.

Kringsæterrunden (25 km)

The whole family can enjoy this trip that runs through rolling landscape. The Kringsæter area is characterized by very little encroachment into the natural environment. There are only a few cabins and several well-maintained summer mountain farms. The trip runs through sheltered terrain and is less exposed to bad weather.

Cross-country skiing trails at skisporet.no

Ski tracks.
Skiing track.

The Troll Trail: Distance (170 km)

The Troll trail is referred to as ‘Europe’s most beautiful skiing experience’, and is a waymarked skiing trail that runs from Høvringen in the north, via high mountain terrain over Kvamsfjellet, to Venabygdsfjellet. From Venabygdsfjellet, visitors can continue on to Øyerfjellet and all the way to Lillehammer. Most of the trail is groomed, but some sections over Kvamsfjellet-Venabygdsfjellet are only staked. Here, visitors must expect to make their own tracks so we recommend the use of mountain skis with steel edges.
You should be in good physical shape and have done a lot of skiing if your aim is to complete the whole trip. However, you can also ski just parts of the route, such as Troll Trail North (Høvringen- Kvamsfjellet-Venabygdsfjellet 63 km).

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