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Starting points

Are you planning a visit to Rondane but are not sure where to start your trip? Here is some useful information about four key approaches to the national park.




Rondane-Dovre National park board
Hjerkinnhusvegen 33
N-2661 Hjerkinn
E: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no



Title Address Description
Fv27, 2580 Folldal, Norge
Fv437 106, 2673 Høvringen, Norge
Fv437 106, 2673 Høvringen, Norge
Dovrefjell, 2660 Dombås, Norge
Tjønnbakkvegen, 2670 Otta, Norge
Otta jernbanestasjon
Otta stasjon, Otta, Norge
Ringebu jernbanestasjon
Ringebu stasjon, 2630 Ringebu, Norge


Strømbu rest stop in Atndalen valley is located on the banks of the Atnelva river and is the main approach to Rondane from the east.
Here, visitors can enjoy the view from the roof terrace, walk along one of the adapted routes in the area, follow the trail into Bjørnhollia tourist cabin (approximately 2 hours) or continue further on to Rondvassbu (approximately 6 hours).

Persons viewing the landscape.
The facilities consist of a parking lot, handicap-friendly toilets, a heated room and a roof terrace with seating. During the summer months, the rest stop also houses a tourist information desk, a kiosk, and canoe and bicycle rental.


Strømbu is located next to county road Fv 27, with access from Ringebu in the south, Alvdal-Folldal in the northeast and Hjerkinn-Folldal in the northwest.


Parking charge: Free of charge. If you need to park over several days, we ask that you use the outermost parking spaces to the south.
Toilet charge: Free of charge
Overnight stays in the parking lot with a caravan/motorhome/tent: Yes

Opening hours/period:

Parking lot: Accessible throughout the snow-free season and is cleared of snow during Easter
Toilet and heated room: Open 24 hours a day from Easter to late October.
Tourist information, kiosk and rental: From 10:00 to 17:00 every day between 20 June and 20 August
Strømbu was designed by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk and is a signaling station for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration which was opened in 2008.

More info at rondanevegen.no

View over Rondane.


The mountain hamlet of Høvringen is located 1000 meters above sea level and is a great starting point for the whole family to experience the area, all year round. The hamlet offers many places of accommodation in the form of cabins and mountain lodges, and also has shops and cafés. Visitors can park at Grotløkken parking lot or next to Putten Seter, and both places are facilitated with information, tables and benches, but not toilets. Both parking lots are good starting points for the trip to Formokampen mountain (1.5 to 2 hours to the top). Visitors can hike along the well-established trail in the footsteps of trappers who hunted wild reindeer a thousand years ago.

Persons hiking.
During the winter season, Høvringen boasts 150 km of groomed cross-country skiing trails that run through varied terrain and offer spectacular views over Rondane. See skisporet.no for trail maps and trail status/conditions.


Høvringen is clearly signposted from the E6, exit north of Otta.

Opening hours/period:

The parking lot is open all year round


Parking charge: Grotløkken parking lot: Yes, per day or season ticket. You may pay using the Vipps app or with cash.
Putten seter: Toll road. Payable with Vipps or cash.
Overnight stays in the parking lot with a caravan/motorhome/tent are permitted

More information about parking

Skiing trail status at Høvringen

Parking, Høvringen.


It is only a short distance from Mysusæter to Rondane, and the trail network offers exciting and varied terrain during summer and winter. There is a large parking lot that includes short-term parking for motorhomes, accommodation, toilet facilities with a water filling and emptying station for motorhomes, and a shop and café.

There are many hiking opportunities in the area, but how about taking a trip to the famous ‘Bridal Veil’ waterfall (1.5 to 2 hours one way) or to Gråhø (30-45 minutes one way), both of which have the great combination of a short hike and fantastic views!

Person on skiing trip.

During the winter season, visitors can swoop down the slopes at Rondane Ski Resort or ski for miles on groomed cross-country trails.

Opening hours/period:

Parking lot: Open all year round

Toilet: Open from just before Christmas until after Easter, and from the school holidays to mid-October

More info at Mysuseter.no

Skiing trail status at Mysusæter



Spranghaugen, also called Spranget, in Frydalen Protected landscape is a summer parking lot. From here, visitors can walk or cycle 6 kilometers to the southern end of Rondvatnet lake. This is where Rondvassbu tourist cabin is located, a fantastic starting point for many of Rondane’s 2000 meter high peaks.

Parking, Spranget.

Bike rental

Rental bikes for both children and adults (including helmets) can be found in the parking lot at Spranget. It is also possible to rent bikes at Rondvassbu and cycle to Spranget.

More information about bike rental


Drive to Mysusæter, located at the end of county road Fv 44. Then, turn left on Tjønnbakkvegen road until you reach the parking lot. There is a bus route from Otta during the summer season.


Parking charge: No, but there is a charge when driving on Tjønnbakkvegen road. This is to be paid at the toll booth using either cards or cash.

Bike rental: payable using the Vipps app

Overnight stays in the parking lot with a caravan/motorhome/tent: Visitors are encouraged to park motorhomes and caravans at Mysuseter where there are toilets and waste disposal.

Opening hours/period:

Parking lot: Summer, 15 June – 1 November, subject to weather/driving conditions.



Gautåseter is the starting point for the T-marked trail over to Grimsdalshytta cabin in Grimsdalen Protected Landscape.

Parking, Spranget.


Gautåseter is a summer mountain farm located just off the E6 highway, 30 km north of Dombås and 50 km south of Oppdal. Follow the signs to Hageseter Tourist Cabin (located at Gautåseter), exit the E6 highway and drive straight ahead. The parking lot is open all year round and is located next to the information boards before turning left towards Hageseter Tourist Cabin.


Visitors may use the toilet in the basement of the café at Hageseter Tourist Cabin during opening hours. See information about opening hours here.


There is a drop-in food service in the cafeteria at Hageseter Tourist Cabin during peak season. Food must be ordered in advance during the off-peak season.


Parking: Free of charge
Toilet: Free of charge

Hageseter Tourist Cabin

Organized trips/guiding in Rondane and Dovre National Parks

Definition of organized trips/guiding:

  • When a person, company or organization plans, coordinates or organizes an activity for a group of participants that is announced/marketed in advance.

These might include hiking or skiing trips that do not follow approved trails, or other activities such as horseback riding, dog sledding, running waterfalls, rafting, hunting tests, tent camps etc. If you are planning to carry out events such as these, you must apply for permission. One exception is the areas for organized trips, see the map. Here, organized dog sledding and horseback riding are permitted. Trips made with family and friends do not fall into the categories discussed above.

Physical adaptation in Rondane National Park

Physical measures, such as trail marking, the development of new trails or ski trails, setting out hiking posts, geocaches and posts for post hunting are subject to application in the national park. Contact the management if you want to know more

When the roads open

Most roads in Rondane and Dovre National Parks are open during parts of the year. All dates are subject to weather and driving conditions.

Road name Opens Closes Protected area
Grimsdalsvegen road 5 June 1 December Grimsdalen Protected Landscape
Haverdalsvegen road (from Vegaskillet to Haverdalssetrene) 15 June 1 December Grimsdalen Protected Landscape
The road running through Ryddølsdalen valley 5 June 1 December Grimsdalen Protected Landscape
The road to Dørålseter 15 June 1 December Dørålen Protected Landscape
Peer Gynt mountain road 1 June 1 December Frydalen Protected Landscape
Eldåsetervegen road/Østkjølen mountain road 1 June 1 December Frydalen Protected Landscape